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Changing the Face of Media


Welcome to snapd Inc. We are an organization that specializes in community-based advertising, public relations, networking and marketing initiatives. Our media vehicles are photographically rich, and free to consumers, showcasing the life, entertainment and overall spirit of each and every community in which we operate. We use a business model that emphasizes customer service and relationship building, technology, marketing savvy and attention to detail to deliver our products across print, web and other visually dynamic media.

The central component of each one of our franchise-based business territories is the monthly publication of a snapd branded “news” publication, specializing in a "non-political" friendly and entertaining photographic view of living in the particular local community. Each publication is intended to cover everything of local interest to that community, including: home, business, birthday and surprise parties; sporting events; business openings, sales and events; festivals and concerts; people on the street; parades; carnivals; and general daily life. Local content from the print publication is included on local and/or regional websites, and may be used in conjunction with other media initiatives, and new forms of media.

Each snapd publication and each Franchise Business acts as a hub for serving the public relations, marketing, advertising, and networking needs of its community. Each Franchise Business becomes a trusted tool to connect people, and to sell goods and services within that community. Through our unique hyper-local bottom-up marketing model, we are pleased to offer the following services to our clients and the communities we represent:

  • Franchising
  • Advertising, Marketing and PR
  • Special Inserts
  • Interactive Media

The business opportunity is not only unique, but also fun and lifestyle enriching, while offering a tremendous financial upside for our franchisees and impact for our advertising partners. In order for you to feel the true impact of our offering, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about what we do and how snapd could be just what you are looking for.